With the intention of entering the Golf in the Group A category of the 1990 World Rally Championship, Volkswagen put the Golf Rallye G60 on the market in 1989. It was a more highly developed version of the Golf GTI 16S, with a “G-Lader” scroll-type supercharger giving a power output of 118 kilowatts (160 PS; 158 bhp). Haldex «Syncro» semi-permanent four-wheel drive was incorporated and hunky modifications to the body stopped just short of giving a “tuning kit” look. To ensure competition homologation, engine capacity was reduced from the standard size of 1,781cc to 1763 cc. Volkswagen strictly adhered to the production requirement of the Group A rally regulations by turning out 5000 units of the Golf Rallye G60, thus permitting the competition versions to be homologated by the FIA. Not a single car was produced beyond this quota and production was halted in 1990, giving the car “collectable” status even when it was new.
The exclusive Golf Rallye G60 that we have on offer was first registered in March 1990. Its black paint was one of only 4 colours offered in the catalogue. The interior is in black leather and grey fabric with red stripes with matching Rallye embroidered motifs. This car is both sober and sporty, and so perfectly befits the Golf tradition. White headlights and the G60 badge on the radiator grill indicate that the vehicle was originally destined for the British market. It is in excellent overall condition. The bodywork has no particular defects, apart from slight marks on the painted underbody.The interior is very well preserved and the bucket seats are still strikingly attractive. On the basis of this eveidence, we believe that the distance reading of 93 760 km (58 260 miles) is probably correct. The car has evidently always been well cared for. It has a radio installation, although the radio itself has been removed, as well as electric windows. Another factory option, the handsome BBS centre lock alloy wheels, reinforce the athletic look of this civilized sporting car. The 4 original factory wheels, in serviceable condition, are supplied with the vehicle.





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