The Renault R5 Turbo was unveiled at the 1980 Brussels Motor Show. The manu­facturer wanted to use standard production models as a basis for developing variants specifically destined to compete in rallies and race series for groups 3 and B. Its engine is that of the R5 Alpine with the addition of a Garett T3 turbo, enabling it to produce 160 bhp, while not weighing much more than the basic model. The 1982 Paris Motor Show saw the launch of the Turbo 2, which was mainly a cos­metic facelift for marketing reasons and offered a greater range of options so that clients could personalize their vehicle. The level of performance was maintained, as was proved by successes in national and international competitions. But because the price was high and the car was demanding to drive, production was disconti­nued in 1985. With only 3200 cars made, the R5 turbo 2 was always quite a rare model and has become even more so with a low survival rate, owing to the number of cars that have been the victims of the overoptimism of their drivers
With its white paintwork and black bumpers and matching stickers, our R5 Turbo 2 has superb livery that is both chic and sporty and is characteristic of its model-year, since white was only added to the catalogue in 1984. This external appearance, completed by splendid brushed alloy and black wheels, is combined with a light beige velvet interior with aluminium pedals. All cosmetic aspects are excellent. The bodywork has recently been restored and repainted. As the owner wished to retain the original Turbo 2 stickers on the doors, these panels have not been repainted. The files show that in 2013 the interior was comprehensively refreshed and that in 2015 the suspension was tested on a rolling road and proved to operate correctly. The car has recently had a complete mechanical overhaul to bring all components up to scratch. We therefore have on offer a very fine example of a model produced in limited numbers. The recorded distance, which is certainly genuine, is a little less than 99 700 kilometres (61 950 miles). The car is waiting to make you smile as soon as you get behind the wheel and will allow you to imagine that you are a rally driver.





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