The Renault Clio Williams was unveiled in 1993. It was a limited series, using the Clio 16S as a base, but with a slightly more highly developed 2 litre engine with an output of 150 bhp, 10 more than the 16S. Paying tribute to the Frank Williams Formula 1 team, the car had an exclusive livery with its own paint scheme, stickers and interior.
A plate on the dashboard personalizes each vehicle. Our Williams N°4545 was first registered on November 22nd 1993 and therefore belongs to the Phase 1 series. Its general appearance is very good; the paintwork is in good condition and seems to be original, only the bumpers having been repainted. The upholstery is well pres­erved and only some of the plastic fittings are discoloured and worn in places. The original Williams carpets are still in place. The tailgate and the headlights have been updated with parts from the Phase 2, but these changes could easily be reversed to take the car back to its original specification.
A file of invoices comes with the car and shows that the engine underwent major work in 2008 and was put on a test rig, from which the recorded power curves are still in the file. This work cost more than 3800 euros. At that time, the car had covered about 63 000 kilometres (39 000 miles) and it now shows 94 085 km (58 000 miles). Not many of these Clio Williams will have gone through the 1990s with such light use.





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