First registered in 1993 in Italy, this Mercedes saloon has remained in the same country until now. She changed hands in 1998 and since then the Italian registra­tion papers make no mention of any other change of ownership.
The car has black paintwork above a broad band of anthracite grey and is fitted with a sliding sunroof. Her external condition is excellent, as is that of the interior. The black leather upholstery is superb, with only the driver's sat showing any signs at all of having been used. The car was ordered with the desirable option of extended leather and the door panels are covered in soft leather. The woodwork is also very well preserved. Air conditioning was standard in this particularly well equipped luxury saloon car.
The distance reading is now a little under 86 700 km (53 870 miles), which is very likely to be the actual total distance covered, in view of the condition of the vehicle.
Technically sophisticated and fitted with a very powerful 5 litre V8 engine, the 500 E was in the early 1990s the flagship of the Mercedes range of saloons. Her rather discreet appearance hides a very high level of performance, with a top speed of 250 kph (155 mph). It is rare to find one of these cars in such good condition and with such a low mileage.





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