This car has the special feature of only having two prior owners. It was delivered on December 17, 1987 to Victoria Automobiles, the Jaguar-Saab dealer in Le Havre, which kept it until 1998, when it was given to its current owner. It is the six-cylinder, 3.6-litre version of a XJ-SC cabriolet with a roll bar and the technical inspection report shows it to have particularly low mileage, about 26,500 km (16,466 miles). Since 1996 the car has been driven no more than 5,000 km (3,100 miles).
The original paint scheme, a glossy brown enhanced by a double trim of gold, is in very good condition and only shows a few scratches on the surface. The rims and chrome trim are impeccable. The car has yellow fog headlights, headlight wipers, and a soft top that's in excellent condition.
The interior speaks to its low mileage: the sand-coloured seats and woodwork are in excellent condition and the doorsills are still covered in the original trim. Apart from some peeling on the ceiling panels (which exposes the soft top cover), eve­rything else is in exceptionally well-maintained condition.
This XJ-SC comes with all its components, including it maintenance logbook and manuals, as well as the jack located in its case. It is an exceptional example of a rare performance car whose roof can easily be put up and down depending on the weather.





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