This car was delivered to Austria brand new in 2000 and it is in excellent condition. Its metallic grey paintjob is superb, and so too are its rims, which do not show any trace of road wear. The blue convertible soft top is also in perfect condition.
The interior has been well maintained, with only slight wear on the blue leather seats. The steering wheel and the dashboard have withstood the effects of time very well, with the exception of the passenger-side airbag cover, which is slightly warped. The centre console plastic buttons have become slightly sticky.
Under the hood, the engine compartment is very clean, attesting to its regular service. This can also be confirmed by viewing the maintenance logbook that includes remarks from the Austrian Ferrari dealer based in Vienna. Entries concer­ning maintenance work on the car are dated from 2001, 2002, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2012. The last servicing took place with the odometer reading 71,750 km (44,583 miles). The odometer is now at 74,500 km (46,292 miles).
The car is sold with its original accessories: a toolkit, a leather folder containing the manuals and logbooks, another set of keys, a black soft top cover stored in its own protective cover, and a set of leather Schedoni luggage. With its convertible body design, 380 ph, V8 engine and F1 steering wheel control transmission, this F355 Spider will provide its future owner with the thrilling driving experience that this model is known for.





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