Ferrari took a long time in making its decision to adopt a central-engine design for its high-performing berlinettes, but the manufacturer finally started doing it after the Daytona with the Berlinetta Boxers. These were followed by the line of Testarossas, but after the 512 TR and the 512 M, Ferrari returned to making the front-engine V12, a traditional structural layout that allowed for a larger cockpit design with 2+2 seating. Elegantly designed by Pininfarina, the new model was unveiled in 1996 with a 5.5-litre V12, as the model's name implies, derived from the 456 GT, boasting 485 hp. With so much power, its level of performance was notably raised and the 550 Maranello was one of the rare models capable of exceeding speeds of 300km/h (186 mph).
Coming from Italy, the 2000 model that we're offering arrived in France in 2016. As soon as it was released, the Maranello was considered to one of the most alluring and high-performing GTs in the world. This reputation remains the same today and its original blue “Tour de France” paintjob gives it an attractive appearance and perfectly highlights Pininfarina's inspired lines.
The car's interior has splendid beige leather seats with a non-perforated Daytona finish. Only the driver's seat shows small cracks in the material. Some of the small interior parts show wear and are a little sticky, but the dashboard was restored and displays a stylish array of controls and gauges, including a speedometer that swings up to 340 km/h (211 mph). This 500 Maranello has a perforated accele­ration pedal made of aluminium and an original CD player with the multiple-CD changer in the boot.
As the logbooks shows, this care received regular maintenance and the entries are dated as 2000, 2002 and 2006 when the odometer read 35,878 km (22,2943 miles). Its delivery was verified and it went through thorough servicing in October 2016. Today, the odometer sits at a bit more than 69,000 km (42,874 miles).
Along with the maintenance logbook and owner's manual, this car has an alarm code. A well-maintained vehicle, it exemplifies all the qualities that you'd expect from the Maranello manufacturer, especially with its front-engine V12 design.





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