Launched along with the 308 and 328 models, the family of Ferrari V8s never stopped improving in terms of its performance and handling. After the first 3-litre, 255-horsepower versions, the 348 packed 300 hp under the hood, and the 355 series jumped up to 380 hp. Coming out in 1999, the 360 offered a 3.6-litre engine with 400 hp, which give it the power to push the needle up to 300km/h (186 mph). At the same time, the design of car's body as continually improved, keeping its elegance coupled with an aggressive look, which was the manufacturer's staple for this specific range of models.
Imported into France in 2015, the 360 Modena that we're offering was delivered brand new to Italy in 2002, arriving at Samocar, Ferrari's official dealer in Rome. This car is a very rare version outfitted with a manual transmission, in contrast with the at times criticised F1 series. In addition to the transmission, it comes with the Pack Stradale package, which includes special rims, carbon wing mirrors, and a carbon back grill, specific to this car. This special finish also applies to the interior, which comes with an aluminium perforated accelerator pedal and carbon trim.
The metallic grey paint scheme is in excellent condition and the wings are deco­rated with enamelled Ferrari insignias. Recently, the bumpers where repainted to cover up some light chipping due to road gravel. In the cabin the Bordeaux red leather is superbly maintained and has only a few small traces of wear on the dri­ver's seat. The small interior parts have no stickiness to them and the dashboard and interior door panels are spotless. The only blemish on the vehicle is a small crack at the base of the windshield.
This car has received regular maintenance, which has been noted in the car's maintenance logbook. The last entry shows that the last work done on the car was in December of 2014, on the belts and clutch. At that time the car had 31,900 km (19,820 miles) on the odometer when it was still in Italy, Since then, the car has not been driven more than 6,000 km (3,730 miles).
This car comes with a toolkit and a leather folder holding all of its paperwork. It is a fine example of one of the most desirable and successful Ferrari V8 models.





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