In the industry sea change resulting from the new style created by Volkswagen with the now legendry Golf GTI at the end of the 1970s, numerous manufacturers fell in line with Volkswagen's lead by offering more sporty versions of their own small city cars. So was the case for the R5, to which Renault added the evocative name Alpine. It appeared at the 1976 Salon de Paris auto exhibition. In 1981, a new version was presented, one that benefited from the addition of a Turbo engine.
The car for sale is a splendid example of this version, painted in Alpine blue with an interior in sand velour and same colour carpeting. Delivered new from the Renault factory in Vaulx-En-Velin on February 9, 1983, this car has remained in excellent condition. It comes with the Alpine rims, decals, and steering wheel. It has been maintained in a condition that matches the original. It's an exceptional case since it comes with its original folder with all the paperwork from the dealer as well as the original maintenance logbook. The red cross from that period is also among the paperwork of this beautiful car. Some spare parts invoices show that there were two owners between 2000 and 2012, and there is less than 160,000 km (99,420 miles) on the odometer.
This car, emblematic of the production of those famous GTIs, is a special version of this model, which you can see in its accompanying paperwork and its remarkable exterior condition.





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