The Alfetta coupé, which took the prestigious name a world champion Alfa Romeo, came out in 1974 and featured a unique rear-axle mounted transmission, designed to improve its weight distribution. Several versions of this car were available and its success in competition led to the launch of a special “GTV Production” series in 1984, with a production run limited to 300 numbered units, which were available in a four-cylinder, 2-litre version and in a V6, 2.5-litre version, in grey or red. It is the first version, which best represents this model, that we're offering. It's enhanced by light grey lateral stripes as well as Ronal rims, which are specific to this model.
Designated by the number 70 of this special series, it was brand new when it was delivered to France on December 19, 1983. It has had three different owners since 1999, and it comes with the complete records of its servicing paperwork, with the oldest records dating from 1984 and the most recent from 2016. In these records is documentation showing an overhaul done after 30,000 km (18,641 miles) in 1986, then a full servicing after 61,949 km (38,493 miles) in 1999, which corresponds to the original odometer reading. “Purchased in 1987” is noted on the 1999 bill of sale, which suggests that there was only one owner between these two dates. These documents also show that the car was driven less than 15,000 km (93,000 miles) over the last ten years.
It was repainted several years ago and the exterior is in excellent shape. The interior is in original condition. It sand velour seats are well maintained, but the steering wheels shows wear and the dashboard cover is cracked. The ceiling is in good condition and overall the car is very sound.
This car comes with its purchase order from October 26, 1983, listing the car's specifications, a certificate for the window labels, the original owner's manual (in French) with the corresponding key code numbers. It's a great example of a much-desired limited series that's both a performance vehicle and a spacious car that can fit four people comfortably





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